Cold, Cold Summer

This growing season has been exceptionally wet and cool by Washington standards. We had some rains in the last week, which means constant controls in the vineyards to prevent downy mildew (Oidium Tuckeri). Once the spores are in the vines (which they were, since it was also a problem last year), any sort of moisture will trigger growth, making active vineyard management essential.

The black spotting along that shoot is where the mildew had started previous to the anti-mildew spray. It’s now dead. Yay!

So now, if the aliens come and ask you to identify vineyards infected with Oidium Tuckeri or they’ll suck your brains out, you’re all set.

We also have Petite Verdot at 24.5 brix with a pH of 3 and a TA of 1.1. I’m exited.

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