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Closed the bar at 3:30AM, Eleven Madison Park at 9:30 AM on a Saturday: Sommelier Life

I haven’t been posting a lot, and I realize that to turn this into anything substantive, generating a lot of content is a necessity. And generating it consistently. Aaron over at the excellent Not Drinking Poison in Paris is a great illustration of this.

However, things have legitimately been super busy.

Here’s a look into the life of a NYC quasi-sommelier this week:

Shifts: 6 (everything but Sunday brunch, Thursday dinner)

Tasting groups: 4 (these are typically 2-3 hour sessions)

Study Groups: 1 (again, 2-3 hours)

This is not to mention keeping up with e-mails, trade magazines, any of the other stuff associated the lighting-fast pace of New York City. I love it to death, but you can see how sometimes this blog falls by the wayside. I will endeavor, dear reader (if there are, in fact, any of you), to pump out a little more interesting content. I have a project in the works that might bring a little more multi-media oriented material to the blog. Oh, yeah, and having a personal life…

Also: Paris, Champagne, Los Angeles, Seattle, Grand Rapids from the 9th-27th…there will be eating. And drinking. If any of it is of note, I will advise…

30 different types of oysters, 30 dollars, Pepiere Gras Mouton ’09 for $9 a Glass = Happyness

Anyone in NYC, try to get yourself to the happy hour (or afterward) at Maison Premier in Williamsburg. You will not regret it. Small, but well-considered wine list. Great cocktails. Affordable oysters.

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  1. TD Hinkle says:

    I can sympathize with life and study getting in the way of maintaining a blog. Keep up with it though! I've enjoyed reading your posts.

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