Flash Cards

I am you. You are me.

I’ve been making flashcard decks with iFlipr for my wine study, and I’ve shared a few of them. You can use the website for free, but if you have a smartphone, there’s an app that lets you use the cards you create online on your phone. I took most of the information from Guildsomm.

You can find any of them by searching for MWH under the “decks” tab. I made a super-intense one last night on South Africa, so should you ever want to know what the 9 Wards of the Roberts District, well, you can now quiz yourself on it.

Making that flashcard also made me feel very small, but in a pathetic way, not in a I’m-part-of-the-grandeur-of-the-universe way. Sigh. Onwards and upwards, folks.

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3 Responses to Flash Cards

  1. Davis says:

    Hey buddy,

    I can't find this app, iFlipr on my phone. Or is it under another name?

    – Davis

  2. Davis says:

    apparently it says this item is no longer available in the US and they're website won't even let you watch a video about it. strange.

    also i've been reading your blog. good stuff.

  3. Chris R Jones says:

    I found the link to the app for the iphone from itunes… how do I get this puppy for a "regular" smartphone?

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